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Let the lady feel like she is in control, allow her to start the questioning.

Exchange greetings, names and whatever banter comes naturally (if any! Then be quite for a few seconds - remember to breathe and smile - to keep you relaxed. remember silence can be golden, and sometimes even intimate.

’, or ’where would you most like to go on holiday’ (if you have travelled, or like to travel).

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She may look away, but try to feel if it is playful, bashful, or shy - if so, carry on to secret 10. If you want a date, maybe a relationship, even a sexual one? I know, men think about sex every 6 seconds - whatever!

That means you have 5 seconds to work on being her friend.

A few other questions to give you a hint: ’what do you enjoy doing on the weekends?

’, or ’have you found any good restaurants in town lately? Remember, try to keep it relevant to you, something you can relate to. Make a connection, so she remembers you; let her start to feel you may be ‘the one‘; plant that seed.

Allow her to ask her question; it’s likely she has one prepared.

Answer the question briefly, and move on to secret 6. Remember, you are both here for the same reason - to get a date.

Do not lay back, legs wide, arms stretched out (you are not in a pole dancing club! You may be the only man to ask, that makes you memorable.

She feels you are not invading, and she has effectively invited you to date her.

Get rid of that bad breath (yes, you have bad breath). Pay attention to her, and don’t let your eyes wander around the room (too much).

I’m not suggesting you be as tough on yourself, as he was on me - but, the fact remains, the women attending a speed dating night, want a date, and most importantly, have an interest in making it happen. So I’m sitting with a women, she wants a date, and it’s my job to make sure she gets what she wants …… Personal grooming, remove those nose and ear hairs.

Kinda like that whole Alpha male thing, you know they got ‘IT’, but can’t put your finger on exactly what ‘IT’ is.

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