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In three short years, 750,000 (75%) Assyrians would be killed, 1.5 million Armenians and 500,000 Greeks. He was born in a village in the Hakkary mountains (presently South-Eastern Turkey).

Even the Kurds, who did most of the actual killing during the genocide, have admitted it.

On April 23, 1995 the Parliament of Kurdistan in Exile issued a statement saying "Let history note that we at the Parliament of Kurdistan in Exile share the pain of the survivors and their relations.

Yusuf holding a cross under the headline "A Traitor Amongst Us" (AINA ).

As recently as December 6, 2009 Turkey vigorously objected to the installation of an Assyrian Genocide monument in Fairfield, Australia. Renan Sekeroglu, expressed opposition to the erection of the monument and denied the genocide of Assyrians in World War One. Sekeroglu conceded there were "tragedies" on "both" sides during that period.

This shows that Turkey knows that it doesn't work to threaten the Assyrians.

It also gives strength to Joseph Zaya and other eyewitnesses -- they and their families will never be forgotten.

His distress was compounded by earlier memories of the slaughter of Armenians by Turks during the First World War and the international jurist began to examine these acts as crimes in an effort to deter and prevent them. House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to condemn as genocide the mass killings of Armenians. Vahe Magarian of Cincinnati, Ohio, sent a pointed letter to the New York Times, suggesting that Turkey's recalled Ambassadors, "rather than flying home, should be made to march home on foot.

He presented his first proposal to outlaw such 'acts of barbarism' to the Legal Council of the League of Nations in Madrid the same year (AINA 1-16-2007). Forced marches were the preferred means of travel during the dying days of the Ottoman Empire." Prominent Turkish commentator Can Dundar wrote an article titled: "Are we going to recall all our Ambassadors?

This caused major diplomatic crises between Sweden and Turkey.

The Turkish ambassador was recalled, the Swedish prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, called Turkey's Recep Erdogan and apologized for the vote.

The monument was subsequently approved (AINA 12-6-2009).

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