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As time passes, more and more of us will start havingkey texts in ebook form and print.(Publishers should consider offering a package deal.) In discussions about the pros and cons of reading on the screen, there is one benefit that is often overlooked because it is of less importance for general readers.As she tries to settle in bed to read because she also has exams coming up, hubby touches her down there and says, “Babe, oya.” This is the simplest algorithm I have tried to explain above, and this scares me as I write it.

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but the bibliography also attempts to cover writings of importance for the study of Japanese religion, history, or culture generally.

It began as a database of translations into English and other Western languages, but now includes entries for works not yet translated as well as some information about electronic texts, ebooks, and scholarly studies. Information about nō plays translations can be found elsewhere on this site.

You may also find it convenient to browse entries by alphabetical location: A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- M -- N -- O -- R -- S -- T -- U -- W -- Y -- Z . As the circumflex (ôû) is now little used in English-language scholarship on Japan, I have finally switched over to using the macron (ōū).

It is hard to be consistent about such matters, as older titles sometimes used the circumflex, while some titles do no mark vowel length at all. As I re-edit the page, I will gradually restore the circumflex to titles in languages like French that use it. A growing library of translations from classical Japanese can now be purchased as ebooks for smart phones, computers, or dedicated readers.

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’ I never expected the speech he gave me afterwards. We are both doctors, yes; but that does not mean I will start eating Indomie and garri because you work late’ I was like ‘huh?

’ He later went to explain that he had no problems with my dreams and aspiration; but because I chose a seemly time consuming field did not mean I would not cook for him, wash his clothes, iron them, take care of the children and perform my wifely duties whenever needed.

Links for Kindle editions are being added below, but you may find other electronic editions available.

As with any new medium, teething problems have occurred.

The way my mouth opened that afternoon cannot be explained.

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