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Sadly, some dastardly villains capture the Value Heroes, leaving the poor young women of Mutualopolis at the mercy of the of those values which have always protected them. It is clever and fun and, dare I say it, empowering. I am the impartial social scientist, observing that a full quarter of the superhero population is required to tackle the specter of immodest formal wear.But happily, the young women turn to the scriptures and realize that the Lord is their strength and if they live the Young Women values, they can be their own superheroes. (At least the young women are in pretty good shape. Also, it provides an excuse to wear cool superhero capes, which is always a winner. There were just a couple things in it that I found interesting. Every other problem in Mutualopolis can be handled by a single superhero.

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Heck, I couldn’t find a title.) It is about the Value Heroes–Lady Faith, Diva Divine Nature, Individual Worth Woman (“My worth goes to INFINITY AND BEYOND!

”), Queen Knowledge, Captain Choice and Accountability, Good Works the Great, Princess Integrity, and Virtue Girl–who safeguard the young women of Mutualopolis.

S.) One thing is for sure: I don’t remember ever, seeing articles on modest dress in the Friend.

This is not to say there never were any, but if I had to bet, I’d err on the “never any” side.

In my class, I have what I lovingly refer to as “lifers.” These are the children (or adults) who have been in church their whole lives but may not understand certain doctrine.

In my case, I just plain didn’t care when I was a youth. My lifers often give me looks of “Did you really just say that?So I don’t know how much special emphasis the dating and modesty topics really get and how much is just my daughter’s oversensitivity to those discussions. (Long skirt, big poofy sleeves.) I just don’t remember getting lectured on it that much. Also, reminders for Girls Camp that you couldn’t wear short shorts.I was just thinking back to my own experience in Young Women. I certainly knew what the church standards of dress were. (This was before they started requiring girls to wear temple-garment-length shorts.) I didn’t ever go to Girls Camp, so I never had to worry about my shorts being too short.These days every issue of the Friend has some mention of modest dress standards.(My personal fave is the Modesty Checklist from the May 2010 issue.” or “If I stare at you long enough you will give me the answer.” To combat these (non) responses, I try to make the lesson as hands on as I can.

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