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A woman has hit back at vicious trolls for calling her a 'horrible mother' after she revealed she's giving her toddler daughter 'bleach baths' to treat her eczema.Mummy blogger Mel Watts, from Central Coast in NSW, initially took to social media to share her doctor's advice about little Indie's condition.

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Now you go look after your children how you want whilst I parent mine how I want.'Also please don't go bleaching your kids because I wrote that's what we're doing you need doctors advice!!!

A former House of Fraser beautician, her boyfriend and a convicted killer doused a grandfather in bleach and bit his ear off in a vicious daylight street attack.

The court heard violence flared in a residential street just after 10am on November 2 last year.

The builder and his son Samuel were confronted by Waters, together with Hudson and White after they pulled up in an Audi A3, blocking the path of the Haywards' Mitsubishi Shogun.

'Do you think we want to dump her in a bucket of bleach for s***s and giggles or because we've crossed every of angle.'Now to be fair we're her parents.

And we're doing what we think is right with the information we've been given.The court heard his licence period had expired by the time of the attack on Mr Hayward.Judge Statman warned White he now faced a substantial sentence and that the issue of danger to the public had to be considered.She explained the family decided to use the remedy as a last resort after trying every treatment imaginable to prevent her girl from crying because she's constantly itchy.The home remedy is a common treatment for eczema sufferers to help heal skin infections - but people are advised to check with a doctor first before trying.He had returned with his wife to visit family and to help his son with a building project in Cavendish Avenue.

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