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We have tested out different online Jewish dating sites and Online Jewish Dating is a compliation of the user experience that we had with the online Jewish dating services that we have tried.Our experience with each dating site or service will of course be biased by our own experience, which is why we'd love to get feedback from you, our users.

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“If Spurs fans genuinely are going to stop using this word then it should be our decision,” chairman Darren Alexander said at the time.

“We sincerely believe that no Spurs fan ever uses the Y-word or shouts ‘Yid Army’ in an effort to offend anyone.” Spurs supporters have always maintained that the word ‘Yid’ in has never been used a malicious way, despite its offensive connotations.

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"This issue has always been of the utmost importance to us and while we recognise that Spurs fans use of the Y-word and associated identity may have caused some upset to members of the Jewish community, we sincerely believe no Spurs fan uses the term in a malicious way.” It said: “We do not in any way condone racist language being used by football fans and we are aware of the recent media reporting of racist abuse being used towards opposition fans during matches. "Its use in a derogatory way was started by racists in Nazi Germany.

This deplorable action should not have the power to forever change its meaning into an abusive term.

Here is a book which provides a secure and sensible framework with which to deal with life’s most challenging and perplexing phenomena -- love, dating and marriage.

It uncovers the suprisingly rich and positive Jewish attitudes toward gender relationships, women and the human body.

The FA issued guidelines for supporters’ behaviour and said the use of the word was “derogatory and offensive” and could amount to a criminal offence, even if it was being sung by supporters of Tottenham, who traditionally drew a large following from the Jewish community.

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