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Even more disconcerting than the ‘no power’ problem is the sound of your console’s disc drive crunching.Some Xbox One users have experienced this problem when inserting a disc, but luckily it doesn’t look like the discs themselves are damaged by this issue.

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The aforementioned If you’re trying to update your console but you’re finding the download is taking far longer than it should – or not even starting – it might be better to try downloading another time.

That’s because traffic on the Microsoft server could be at a high while everyone tries to download the latest system update.

Finally, try testing your connection by opening the guide and going to Settings Network.

From here you should see “Test network connection” on the far right.

However, not all your 360 games will run on the latest console.

When backwards compatibility was added in 2015, there were only 104 Xbox 360 games that would work on the Xbox One.

If there’s no light, you’ve just identified the problem.

Try a different outlet, and if there’s still no light, it’s time to contact Microsoft for a replacement power brick.

If you’re sure eveything is hooked up correctly, check the light on the Xbox One’s power brick.

It should be either orange or white to indicate it’s receiving power.

Here are the main issues with the Related: Best Xbox One deals When it first launched in 2013, the Xbox One didn’t come with backwards compatibility, meaning your old Xbox 360 games wouldn’t work on the new console.

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