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After the Crimean war, new surveys were conducted in 18 (and possibly in 1860) to reestablish the tax base of the empire. After 1800, the surveys provide names of heads of households and of any other taxpayers living in the same household; occupation and income. Location: The originals are in cadastral archives [Tapu ve Kadastro umum müdürlügünün arşivi] in Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey.

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After 1715 the regular practice of compiling these statistics collapsed.

Nevertheless there must have been some records made as the collection of taxes could not have been carried out without population data of some sort, probably incomplete information supplied by communal leaders.

Record type: Accounts of land deeded to a mosque or charitable institution. One is a document which deeds an individual’s property to a mosque or other charitable institution which would thereafter be regarded as the property’s legal owner.

The other type of waqf is known as the waqf khass or kharri [private] waqf in which case the property is legally owned by a pious or charitable institution, but the revenues are divided equally among the donor’s descendants, including wife and daughters, through several generations.

Some sources indicate that they generally do not contain names and are likely not of significant genealogical value.

Other sources indicate that the fifteenth and sixteenth century tahrirs involved the registration of adult males—chiefly household heads as taxpayers but also bachelors and others.

The waqf may also benefit the extended family including brothers and sisters and their children as well as freed slaves.

When there are no more descendants, the revenues accrue to the institution.

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