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Also, what's the right way to add 'mystery' to your persona short of creeping women out?

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Perhaps..long as she can lose 'Billy Idol' and get a grip on her own sense of self-esteem.

Emily and Scot take what's good about this profile and demonstrate how to make it really shine. His pictures are right on the money and he really knows how to paint a word picture.

Or at least until she noticed those two MAJORNow brought to you by (

You've got to portray masculinity in your online profile if you are a guy. And just for good measure, discover how an otherwise very masculine man can completely lose everything he's worked so hard Now brought to you by Elite Mate (

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The trick, however, is to make sure you also do it in a way that actually ATTRACTS women. Here we have the quintessential example of a 'comma chameleon'. On this show we meet a woman with high standards for the guy she wants to meet.

She can be whatever you want her to be and has the exhaustive list of stuff in her profile to back it up. That's great, but she's going to have to give that guy more information about herself than what her 'Here we have a profile that specializes in mixed-messages.

The shining example of what NOT to choose for a username. Not if he really wants to attract a woman he shouldn't!

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