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We also received some very good news- farmer Graham won a lot of prizes at the annual Longhorn breeders competition, which you can see in the picture.

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he also bangs on about his scottish heritage and yet the moment something doesnt go right starts looking to northern ireland. Diversification of income, moving on from the fact that the oil will not last forever.

Some may say they have started 20 years too late, and judging by the state of current financial services, retail and transport sectors I would have to agree.

To read more about it and too see pictures go to: and What a fantastic Easter weekend we had at Doonies! We are looking forward to next years event already!

If you would like to see some great pictures the Evening Express took please go to: During the weekend, we also had some media students from Robert Gordon’s university making a short film on Easter at Doonies.

Second: Aberdeen has the fastest growing airport in Scotland.

One story I noticed recently was a business class only carrier will soon start up a service between Aberdeen and Houston Texas.

So, for all focus must still obviously be put on the Oil industry (heartened by the recent discovery of oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico that were before unreachable with older technology), a large amount of attention must be diverted to the area's other primary potential money maker: Tourism, and in particular, the hallowed, "Scotch" game of Golf.

This development has the unrivaled potential to bring the Worlds richest people to spend outrageous amounts of money that would normally only be expected by the richest of Oil developers.

The appointment of Penny Mordaunt as International Development Secretary maintains the balance within Theresa May’s Cabinet of women and men and supporters of Remain and Leave in last year’s EU referendum.

Aberdeen City Council has questioned whether the football ground and training facilities need to be on the same site, in Kingsford, arguing that other clubs operate satisfactorily without co-location.

He added: “However, given the considerable financial and operational benefits from co-location, I think we’d have all preferred co-location”.

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