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Thumbnail has taken directly from external video platform when avalable.

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It shows the video on the post page but in the index page, it breaks the post loop as soon it reaches one of this videos. Right now I know that works You Tube, Meta Cafe and Viddler; doesn't work Veoh, Vimeo, Google Video @Fallo I noticed the good ones get their thumbnail directly from their url. I want to add a thumb with a link to external site. I can add a thumb (via video_thumb) but I can't assign an external link on it or a link in the title post.

The bad ones get their thumbnail via other web resources (xml, json,...) retrieved using the fopen PHP function. @Emiliano I made a simple page running php Info and uploaded it: can see there that 'allow_url_fopen' is enabled. With CPanel in my host, I have the alternative to upgrade to PHP5. Hi Emiliano, Thanks so much for the theme- its really nice! Also when you play them they play twice at the same time. This will be great if you want to post just an external link as a notice.

If external video platform doesn’t support thumbnail (only My Space at this time) or you don’t like default thumbnail or your post doesn’t have video, theme give you alternative methods to select a thumbnail.

Another change makes by theme involves the post page.

When I try to enter "vids" as a new custom field, I get this error message: "An unidentified error has occurred." I'm using Wordpress 2.7.1. I send a bug report here However, in the SVN repository there is an updated version that bypass this problem as you can also see in Video Graph Ex online demo. For weeks I was trying to figure out how to make a video blog and Videographex is perfect for my first website. Videos are included using Viper's quicktag plugin so you can ask Viper for your feature.

If you wish to try to solve your problem before I publish a new version, you can download new from here https://svn.micso.net:666/svnweb/index.cgi/bruni/browse/Wordpress/Videograph Ex/trunk/Videograph Ex/ and overwrite your version. Is there any way to remove "related videos" at the end of a You Tube clip? If you want to remove related videos only in a video, add a "rel=0" attribute into [youtube] tag. v=ENiha Fo Zh_g[/youtube] If you want to disable this youtube feature for all your youtube video you can go to the wordpress admin page, settings, video quicktags, and, at the end of this page you found various configuration and the one to disable related videos (I don't know what's the name of this setting in english because I have configured wordpress in italian language). Viper's quicktag plugin website is Viper's forum is:

Here the first video included in the post is always shown at the top of the post wherever you put this video when create post.

This gives your site a look and feel similar to other video platform such You Tube. This theme use Viper’s quicktag plug-in to add to ordpress editor a toolbar with support for many external video provider and include a video is so simple as copy and paste the URL video you see in the address bar when you see video in the remote site.

id=23 Ci sono diversi siti web , che al meno a me no vanno bene: Veoh, Vimeo, Dailymotion, google, flickr.......

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