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Following legalization by the legislature and Governor, a 13-member Medical Cannabis Advisory Board has now been selected. And then focus on things that have worked in other states," said Dr. In West Virginia, a new law includes a provision that requires regulators to encourage minority-owned business owners to apply for growing licenses.

(Photo by Heath Korvola/ Digital Vision/Getty Images) In some states that have legalized marijuana, officials are trying to entice nonwhite citizens to join the cannabis industry with breaks aimed at making up for the toll unequal drug enforcement has taken on Black and brown communities.

"It has been helping me tremendously,” Newman said.

With the opening of Appalachian Cannabis Company on Saturday, she now has a place to get the CBD products that work for her.

West Virginia health officials have released an online survey for people interested in obtaining medical marijuana.

A Department of Health & Human Resources news release says the survey results will be shared with the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board in December.

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But possession of marijuana in any form is illegal under federal law.

That puts our states, in concert with 26 others that have “legalized” medicinal marijuana, in the position of advocating behavior that is criminal by federal statute.

But not everyone thinks legalizing marijuana — even for compassionate medical reasons — is a good idea.

In both West Virginia and Ohio, it’s official: Breaking the law is not against the law — at least when marijuana is involved.

Senators appear poised to advance legislation (SB 406) to welcome five new cannabis dispensaries to Florida by October. Friday’s measure also requires four dispensaries within “six months after each instance of the registration of 75,000 qualifying patients with the compassionate use registry.” That 75,000 figure is dramatically less than the previous threshold of 250,000.

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