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The view model needs to massage this data to make it suitable for the view, so it needs to map the model collection into its own Observable Collection.When an Observable Collection is modified, it raises an event. Event handlers respond on the same thread as the modification.

wpf binding observablecollection not updating-2

I watched the video link to see him doing what you claimed to be a mistake.

But as far as I see, he is not doing anything wrong there.

If you find that you need to access the collection programmatically, and not just through data binding, then Dependent List might be right for you.

Update Controls makes it much more difficult to make these common mistakes.

Not only is this inefficient, but it also scrolls back to the top of the list rather than preserving the user’s context.

This fix completely obviates the need for an Observable Collection in the first place.

When you generate classes from an Entity Framework model, you get Observable Collections.

Service calls and persistence belong in the model layer, not the view model layer.

It wasn’t the collection that changed, it was the property that points to the collection.

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