male scammers dating sites - Worst dating mistakes and how to avoid them

Tip: Don't go on a date until you have finished grieving any past relationships.

When you discuss old relationships on a first date, it doesn't make your current date feel special or important.

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They'd wait a couple of days before asking me out again, when the date wasn't fresh in my mind. A lot of the guys I went on a first date with didn't touch me at all — not even a hug hello.

Meaning I was less likely to accept their invitation. For me, and for many people, that automatically puts you in the friend zone.

After each date, I documented the experience to figure out what specifically had made it a success or a failure.

As the experiment went on, I started noticing all kinds of patterns — and I saw lots of guys make the same mistakes over and over again.

In fact, during the middle of date #79, the guy told me he was a masseuse and asked if I wanted a massage.

This was a little obvious and made me too aware of his agenda but, really, who turns down massages?Tip: If you hate your job, talk about your hobbies and your passions instead. Interestingly, I've found that my clients who are happy with their careers seem to find a partner much more quickly than those who haven't figured out that portion of their life. Unbeknownst to me, the night that #98 had taken me to dinner to discuss "business" was a date.I didn't even know date #98 was a date until I heard it from his buddy: "Oh, how was your date with my friend? I hadn't even stopped to think about whether I was romantically interested in him. A date is not a date unless it's explicitly called a date upon invitation. At the end of our time together, he drove me to work and asked me if I'd be available Thursday for a second date.He told me that he had invented three different products while in college and had been published in many academic journals — which, if true, was pretty impressive.But he lost my interest when he ended his story with, "Yeah, but then I ended up working for the man." It is such a turn-off when someone speaks negatively about their career.He was a wealthy CEO living in Silicon Valley and the date was fun because I got to dress up and drink expensive wine.

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