Worst case scenario survival handbook dating

There was some of that in the book (such as having a list of alternate flights with you when you go to the airport, as well as the phone numbers of the airlines; if you are traveling with someone on a plane, pack half of your stuff in each other's suitcase.That way, if one suitcase gets lost, you are not without anything at all).It provides good, sound information but read it more for it's amusement and entertainment.

Having the book along will help me relax a lot more on my next small plane flight. As a result, you will probably spend more time thinking through the potential challenges that you will face on future trips, and be better prepared to handle these challenges.

People with phobias about certain travel situations may find the knowledge that they gain here can help reduce their anxiety. My favorite funny parts in the book were the runaway camel, passing a bribe, foiling a UFO abduction, trailing a thief, losing someone following you, jumping from a moving train, escaping from being tied up, ramming a barricade, surviving a volcanic eruption, surviving a tsunami, getting rid of leeches, and crossing a piranha-infested river. Even if you never travel, the book "will provide good information and entertainment for the armchair survivalist."Be prepared!

Both books are fun to read and in a desparate situation they might help you save yourself but as they say, Don't try this yourself.

There isn't really enough information on any of the subjects to really do safety training justice ( a whole book would be needed for each one to do that)so buy it in the spirit of curiosity with a touch of education.

Also included are some emergency phrases in four languages (Spanish, French, German and Japanese) and a brief notation of gestures to avoid in certain places, plus a summary of travel tips.

All this might seem like basic travel wisdom, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded incase one forgets.

Almost as good was reading about the various experts whom the author consulted in order to write these scenarios.

I bought this book mainly because I also have the authors first book The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

If you're on a limited book budget stick with their first book.....the information contained in this book was not of tremendous value to the common traveler.

Being that I have found these Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks in the humor section at the bookstore, would give an indication as to what they might entail.

I also learned that most fire ladders only go up seven stories (from the street), so if I am in a hotel, I will request a street-side room below the 7th floor.

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