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She, along with the other authors, lives in Philadelphia.

When it comes to dating and sex, there are so many worst-case scenarios. He has written "The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex" (Chronicle Books). Winters, Borgenicht presents some 400 pages of potential disasters — that bout of excessive gas on a date, for example — and suggests ways to overcome the problem. Be mindful of your short skirt when climbing onto the bar.

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The minefield that one encounters while living with an ex.

Or at least minimize the damage."Surviving any worst-case scenario comes down to not panicking, having a plan and ultimately being prepared," he says. Grasp your supporters' hands and step down from the bar. How to make your online profile more alluring Post a flattering photograph. Look like you are having the time of your life if you are female. For instance, avoid the word "unemployed" by saying that you are currently enjoying a sweat-free lifestyle while you search for a new challenge. Refer to signs of affluence such as luxury brands, cruises, extended vacations, resorts in exotic locales, and tax shelters. Discuss a variety of interesting hobbies such as rock climbing, photography and wine. List "favorites" that present you as educated and sophisticated, yet not pretentious.

Each episode was hosted by new experts on how to survive worst-case scenarios.

It also aired clips of real life situations, tips, volunteer challenges, and gadgets shown by Gear Girl (Danielle Burgio).

I mean I guess there's some bullshit party tricks here and there but really that nullified anything about this book, the actual warnings are all based on popular culture conventions and was it really that hard to just write the common basic Red flags that actually matter rather than be a unfunny prick? It is refreshing to see the Worse Case Scenario format applied to one of the most emotional aspects of human existence: romantic relationships.

The authors (who now include for the first time Jennifer Worick), cut through the emotional anguish, the stress, and mystery of relationships, simply declaring "If this happens, do this." The authors manage to stop just short of cynicism, even when they're explaining how to ditch a bad date, how to have an affair, and how to fake an orgasm.A guy said he saved his girlfriend from a burning building by using our advice on how to break down a door."It's kind of gratifying to know these books we wrote for entertainment maybe saved a few lives over the years."Following are three excerpts from Borgenicht's book:[email protected] the excerpts The following three excerpts are reprinted with permission from "The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex" by David Borgenicht, Joshua Piven and Ben H. How to survive running into your ex Running into your ex at a party can be problematic for many reasons: lingering affection, pain over being dumped, unresolved emotions, passionate memories or poor selection of your current date. Or, tug your date's arm and say, "Oh, look, there's Sally. How to dance on a bar Find a crowded bar with music playing. If the stool swivels, instruct your helpers to hold it still. Remove your hands from their shoulders and grab their hands. Continue to hold their hands until you find your balance. Seek out a bar with an inebriated, appreciative crowd, a laidback bar staff, and a jukebox full of good tunes. Enough so that your inhibitions shrink, but not so much that you cannot climb up and stay on the bar without falling. Use napkins or a dry bar rag to dry the bar and prevent slipping. Load the jukebox upon your arrival to ensure that you will hear music that excites you. It circulated in my office and it had everyone laughing and telling their own bad experiences and thinking perhaps they'd have done better if they had the advice the 3 authors offer very fre What can say about this book?Really it's a funny read and hits on so many subjects that we all want to understand and learn to deal with...blind dates, bad kissers, acne, breakups.The books provide instructions for situations like landing a plane and surviving a shark attack.

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