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Hair was often worn parted in the centre, and most forms of facial hair were acceptable, though being clean shaven was rare.

1880s women's dress featured tightly fitting bodices with very narrow sleeves and high necklines, often trimmed at the wrists with white frills or lace.

From about 1893 however, sleeves started expanding into a leg-of-mutton shape, which was tight at the lower arm and puffed out at the upper arm.

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Men wore matching coats, waistcoats and trousers, with hairstyles characterised by large mutton-chop side-burns and moustaches, after the style set by Prince Albert.

Shirts had high upstanding collars and were tied at the neck with large bow-ties.

Here are some photographs of Victorian women of color that date from 1860 to 1901.

Unfortunately, a lot of these photographs have no names attached to the women posed in the photographs.

Ornaments for evening wear included floral wreaths, ostrich feathers, pomegranate flowers, wheatears and butterflies.

In the 1860s it was fashionable for men's coats and jackets to be single-breasted and semi-fitted, extending to the mid thigh.

They were often quite slim, and jackets were worn open or partially undone to reveal the high buttoning waistcoat and watch-chain.

Collars were stiff and high, with their tips turned over into wings.

Hats and caps were correspondingly small and neat, to fit on top of the hairstyle.

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