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Plus, I’m not an asshole so I saw what standard she wanted, and to be honest, I WANTED to live up to her standard.[There’s a] difference between snobbery and self-respect. Just say, “Fuck that, I’m not nagging, I’m being upfront and serious.” If he doesn’t respect that he doesn’t respect you.

A snobby girl has an aura about her telling guys “You better start jumping obstacles to get to me.” A girl with self-respect meets me on even ground and when she spots an area of my game where my action might show an idea that I don’t value her, she put up an obstacle letting me know “Hey I am a woman of value.” I know it sounds like training a dog, but I was only a dog because I was trained to be. That’s an example of what I believe everybody needs to jack them out of their illusions as to what a relationship entails.

He will think of no one else for the next three nights. I think girls get hung up on the guy that they are currently seeing and try to make it work.

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But she let me know that to get some is to stay with her. When you follow them you’re only helping us out in doing what we want to do.

If a guy is truly an asshole he could hear all that and still try to pump and dump her but she was a smart girl to realize actions matter more than words. For example, when you complain that we don’t talk to you enough we say you’re nagging. What you’re really saying is “I want more time with you in our relationship.” What we’re saying is “I want to have time with you when want to.

As my Jamaican family says, we “Cut our eyes and pass it”.

The next weekend we did more than make out but still didn’t have sex.

Please see the thread about consequences of doing rootwork here: Can Spells Back-Fire, Blow Back, Reverse On Me, or Harm Me?

can-spells-back-fire,-blow-back,-reverse-on-me,-or-harm-me--t40First-time poster; long-time reader... I've read a lot of the posts here on how to tie/bind a lover, but they all seem to be for situations where the target doesn't want it, or at least doesn't know it's being done.What would you do in the reverse situation, where your lover wants to be tied/bound to you, is supportive of your practice, and would ideally like to take part in the work? [*]Or should I just stick with the spell here: (although frankly, that last one doesn't really 'speak to' me)[/list]To briefly describe the situation, my partner and I are pretty much ideally matched (found through non-mundane means, of course ), but we face significant obstacles to staying together: the main one being that we usually live a long way apart, and will have to separate for at least a few weeks very soon. ) I"m comfortable with whatever we do having reciprocal effects on me, as well.Could any of the following be done cooperatively, with the target's knowledge and participation? (And could that possibly have negative effects on the target? I've read about people being prevented from straying via UTIs or other medical issues, and I'd rather not do anything that might harm him.)[*]Nation Sack? He is submissive to me and really likes the idea of being bound or tied to me in some way, but I've told him that if he wants to be released from whatever I do at some point in the future, I will. The main effect I'd like the work to have is to tie us to one another very strongly, such that when we're apart we'll both do everything we can to get back to each other -- but I don't want anything bad to happen to either of us as a consequence of it. I first heard from him in the Spring of 2009, when he was just 21. But many, many young men just flip into acting like jerks. I’ll illustrate with a case study of our own regular reader and commenter Escarondito. Like the person who buys one lottery ticket when the jackpot reaches a gazillion dollars, and then is shocked, shocked!

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