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Love the hike idea and am excited for a little walk and talk in the woods! Don’t Reveal Too Much Try not to share too much personal information about yourself as you chat, or you won’t leave him with any incentive to get to know you better in person.

Texting is not the forum to have an actual conversation. Steer the Conversation Toward Activities The more you discuss activities both of you enjoy as opposed to less tangible conversation topics, the more likely your conversation will lead to a date.

Save it for brief “thinking of you” interactions and a sharing of information and/or logistics only — especially if you’re in the beginning stages of courtship. If you find the conversations are getting a little too existential, find a natural opener to steer the conversation toward something more activity-oriented.

If he’s incessantly asking you questions, you can even leverage one of them as a call to action (i.e., “That’s something I’d love to tell you more about in person” or “This one is better suited to a real convo. Once you get talking about something you both enjoy doing, the natural progression is for him to suggest you enjoy it together!

If you met him online, on the surface it seems you both have mutual goals; face-to-face interaction to determine if the connection is worthy of pursuing. Flirt Like You Mean It Once you’re sure the interest is mutual, you’ve got the green light to get flirty.

Try to sneak in as many flirtatious comments as you can without being overtly sexual.

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If you have the greatest pet in the world and the only thing missing is the love of your life, Animal Lovers Personals can connect you to others just like you.

Your flirtatious encouragement could be just the nudge he needs to confirm you’re interested in more than just a digital conversation.

Make sure to avoid conversations that are focused on how busy you are.

At Dating with Dignity, we believe texting can be an effective way to communicate and begin to bond with someone you’ve just begun dating.

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