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Graham Fotunately it hasn't come to that, AVG along with MBAM and RKILL appear to have seen off all viruses, I've managed to download SP3 and numerous updates and I've actually got the wireless to work with the Sitecom adapter with encryption on, still no joy with the internal wireless but that's probably a lost cause.

OMG I managed to install AVG from a USB drive and it's finding literally hundreds (if not thousands) of instances of cryptor in the settings folder, AVG has been listing these details for at least 40 mins and shows no signs of finishing.

I recently set up a wireless network for my new Sitecom WL-585 modem router with WPA-2 security and all went according to plan.

I have a Win 7 laptop, Vista laptop, XP laptop, Nokia N95 and Soundbridge all connected.

What happens if you do a PING from the command prompt, Also a PING Sitecom adaper shows a self configured address which is what I would expect as you have not been able to get it to connect to the wireless.

Do you still not have connection to the internet with the above connection?

In any event I am finding that after rebooting the WPA2 code is no longer there and it has reverted back to Open WEP.

I also tried the option: Network And Internet -- Add a wireless device to the network but again nothing is found I downloaded this: and nothing seems to have changed.

You could test this temporarily by turning off encryption on the wireless router.

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