Windows xp wireless wpa validating identity not interested in dating you

The generic settings below will allow you to configure a wireless device to connect to eduroam.

Not all the configuration settings will be available on all devices.

It appears that the Subject Alt Name entry of the certificate must be set to the DNS used to reach the radius server.

I would take that to mean that you cannot use a direct IP address to get at your radius server, less the certificate not be able to validate.

You must ensure server certificate validation is enabled.

To determine which version of Windows you are running, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type winver into the search field, then press enter.

Restart your computer and try to connect to my UNB Wifi again.

If you are having difficulty getting your Windows 8 machine to connect, try setting up a manual need to distribute your RADIUS server's certificate (if it was self-signed) or the certificate of the Certificate Authority that signed it to your clients.Right now you are telling your clients (or supplicants in 802.1X-ese) to verify the the trust path of your RADIUS server's certificate.When Windows XP or 7 clients connect they initally fail to connect.In order to enable the client to connect we have to add the network manually and un-check the "Validate server certificate" as shown in the screenshot below.However, since version 1.1.7, Vigor AP supports Certificate Configuration which can generate the required certificate itself, and use it for 802.1X authentication.

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