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With Windows 8, the product was tidied up a bit, bundled with Windows, and renamed Windows Defender. It’s true that other antivirus apps—like Bit Defender and Kaspersky—protect against more viruses in benchmarks. It’s by far the most non-invasive app, handling things in the background whenever it can and not nagging you all the time.

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You’ll occasionally see a notification popup to let you know when a scan has been performed, and you can usually see the details of the last scan by opening the Action Center in Windows 10.

If Windows Defender does find a threat, you’ll also see a notification letting you know that it’s taking action to clean those threats—and no action is required from you.

To enabled or disable any of these settings, click the “Virus & threat protection settings” link on the main “Windows Defender” tab.

And then toggle the settings on the screen that appears.

If you haven’t yet updated to the Creators Update, you should still be able to follow along pretty well.

Microsoft offered a standalone antivirus app named Microsoft Security Essentials in the days of Windows XP, Vista, and 7.To fire up the Windows Defender Security Center, just hit Start, type “defender,” and then select “Windows Defender Security Center.” In the Windows Defender Security Center window, switch to the “Windows Defender” tab (the shield icon) and then click the “Scan history” link.The “Scan history” screen shows you all current threats, plus information about your last scan.You don’t really need to do anything else here, but if you didn’t have Windows Defender delete the threat when it was found, you’ll be given the option to do that on this screen.You’ll also be able to restore the item from quarantine, but you should only do this if you’re absolutely sure the detected malware is a false positive.Typically, you won’t need to bother with this since Windows Defender offers real-time protection and also performs regular automatic scans.

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