Why is clonidine sedating

However, in a rare obstetrical, postpartum or perioperative patient, potential benefits may outweigh the possible risks.

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NOTE: Clonidine hydrochloride injection (epidural clonidine) is not recommended for obstetrical, postpartum, or perioperative pain management.

The risk of hemodynamic instability, especially hypotension and bradycardia, from epidural clonidine may be unacceptable in these patients.

Epidurally administered clonidine produces dose-dependent analgesia not antagonized by opiate antagonists.

The analgesia is limited to the body regions innervated by the spinal segments where analgesic concentrations of clonidine are present.

CL was 279 ± 184 and 272 ± 163 m L/min on these days.

CSF concentrations were not determined in these patients.

Clonidine's total body clearance (CL) was 219 ± 92 m L/min.

Following a 700 mcg clonidine HCl epidural dose given over five minutes to four male and five female volunteers, peak clonidine plasma levels (4.4 ± 1.4 ng/m L) were obtained in 19 ± 27 minutes.

Following an intravenous dose of C-clonidine, 72% of the administered dose was excreted in urine in 96 hours of which 40 to 50% was unchanged clonidine.

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