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With all the gushing fandom comes a level of vitriol, over everything from purportedly fake tans to fake relationships, that strips a person of his or her humanity."I always want to prove myself and to let people know I'm a good person," she says.

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Hadid is five foot ten and in person has the build of a hot praying mantis. Not that she looks blandly wholesome; if anything, those arched eyebrows make her look like she's got a raunchy secret that amuses her.

But in the fun house mirror of high fashion, she has been deemed "curvy," and with her full cheeks and honey-colored skin, the happy result of her Dutch/Palestinian heritage, she hearkens back to the shapelier supermodels of the '90s—the Naomis and Cindys and Christys. As my 14-year-old son put it, "She looks like a beautiful villainess."The otherworldly face and body aside, Hadid has a public persona that is somehow deeply relatable.

People just don't realize the power of their judgment."So let's settle the question right now.

Mary Clarke, a cofounder of Mother Model Management, is a leading modeling scout and agent who launched the careers of Ashton Kutcher, Karlie Kloss, and others.

Now, when deciding whether to hire an endorser, companies ask for the person's social media stats instead of the gross on her movies.

"Gigi was one of the best at monetizing social media in this way."Hadid herself acknowledges that she is something of a savant of social media, able to keep her fans checking endlessly for updates on her work, her posse (including Taylor Swift and Jenner), and her love life—she's currently dating Zayn Malik.

Like it would be nice to be an observer sometimes and not just the observed.

When she first moved to New York in 2013, no one knew her, and she could walk freely in the city.

But she refuses to have round-the-clock security: "I have security at the right times, but I also like to walk down the street by myself.

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