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According to her Instagram profile, she is the founder of Jamaican children’s charity Project Kase and managing director of 88 Elevate Marketing House.

Bolt and Kasi stayed together and appear to have got their relationship back on track after he partied with other woman at Rio 2016.

I remember I said to her 'listen to me, you need to tell me everything from now because I will hear and mi nuh want nutten too shocking hit me so you need to tell me from now so I know and understand what the situation is...because the press will dig," Bolt said.

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Bolt shrugged off the controversy from Rio 2016, saying that the British press had misinterpreted his behaviour at the nightclubs. It's how we are.”He added: "The British press is always trying to make me out to be this bad guy who loves women and how all I do is women and stuff.

He told GQ magazine: “In Jamaica, we wine on each other. People see it the first time, they're like, What is going on? “I was telling this English press guy, you can't judge a different culture by your own culture.” Kasi took to social media to wildly celebrate Bolt's victories at the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil in summer 2016.

Before setting off at walking pace, the Lightning Bolt was presented with a framed piece of lane seven of the original track in the same arena, in which he won the second of his three Olympic 100m titles (in a Games record of 9.63) and 200m titles (in 19.32) in 2012, by IAAF President Sebastian Coe and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. “It’s really sad that I have to walk away now but the energy of the crowd is great.

The trackside clock flashed up the world record times Bolt set at the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin, 9.58 and 19.19, and he halted both at the 200m start and 100m start for a moment’s contemplation. It was close, but it didn’t come.” Asked about the reaction from the sell-out London crowd, Bolt enthused: “It was brilliant.

A lot of people will try to attack her so I tell her to just take it easy and let's make sure that you're ready for this," Bolt stated before confessing that he spends a lot of time with his girl.

I don't definitely hide..we don't try to put it out in the media like 'here she is' because I personally know what's going to happen.

It was not the fastest 400m of Usain Bolt’s career (his lifetime best will go down in history as 45.28, dating back to 2007) but it was a landmark circuit for the Jamaican who has illuminated track and field these past nine years with his superhuman talent and his stellar personality.

Twenty four hours after his final race ended in the anguish of a torn hamstring on the anchor leg of the 4x100m, the Jamaican phenomenon was back on the track in the London Stadium, soaking up the adoration on a fitting farewell lap of honour at the end of the final session at the IAAF World Championships London 2017.

“I don’t think one championship is going to change what I’ve done. I think the fact that I didn’t win my last race doesn’t affect what I’ve done in the sport.” Bolt started his career hampered by injury and, sadly, has finished with an injury too. It didn’t play out to the book but everything happens for a reason. It’s just championships.” As for the future, Bolt said: “The first thing I’m going to do is go out and have some fun – just to party. I’ve had a stressful championships.” And, beyond that, might there be a change of heart and a return to the track? “I think I’ve seen too many people return and come back into the sport and shame themselves. “I would like to stay involved in athletics but I’m not sure what specifically I’ll be doing.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt romanced Perth model Holly Young at a luxury hotel in Munich Germany this week.

The world’s fastest man is usually silent on his love life, but he has revealed that he is preparing to start a family with his long-term girlfriend Kasi Bennett.

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