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They seem to be much more adaptative, agile, motivating than traditional pyramidal organizations, and they appear to achieve spectacular results.

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It is the way life has operated in the world for billions of years, bringing forth creatures and ecosystems so magnificent and complex we can hardly comprehend them.

Self-organization is the life force of the world, thriving on the edge of chaos with just enough order to funnel its energy, but not so much as to slow down adaptation and learning.

Having one foot in one world while having the other foot in the other world has slowed down our transformation towards self-management and self-organization.

While we’ve made decent progress on understanding the workings of the system of Holacracy and capturing work/accountabilities in Glass Frog, we haven’t made fast enough progress towards self-management, self-organization, and more efficient structures to run our business.

– For better context, please read the two articles below first: Misperceptions of Self-Management and Five Crucial Competencies of Self-Management MISPERCEPTIONS OF SELF-MANAGEMENT Content is from: June 12, 2014 By Frederic Laloux Say “Self-Management” and almost everyone gets the wrong idea.

Self-managing structures are appearing everywhere, and get increasing attention in the media.

This compliance requirement will be largely invisible to most employees and should not be confused with legacy reporting structures which will no longer exist.) – Self-management and self-organization is not for everyone, and not everyone will want to move forward in the direction of the Best Customers Strategy and the strategy statements that were recently rolled out.

As such, there will be a special version of “the offer” to everyone who reads Reinventing Organizations and/or meets some other criteria (outlined towards the end of this email).

Historically at Zappos the “manager” position contained a number of different responsibilities including people management, overseeing and approving decisions, budgeting, and professional development, as well as direct work on projects and goals for the good of the team.

The people management aspects of the manager role are valuable in what the book refers to as Orange and Green organizations, but do not make sense in a self-organized and self-managing Teal organization.

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