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While at Comic-Con, the ultra-charming co-stars of the delightful, action-packed series (already picked up for Season 2) – Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon and Katherine Barrell (who plays Officer Nicole Haught) – stopped by the Collider interview suite to chat about all things . Honestly, I just tell everybody that they’ve gotta keep watching. Melanie and Tim, the relationship between Wynonna and Doc seems to take them both by surprise. SCROFANO: Doc is a link to her past that has brought her to this point.

They discussed how appreciative they are of their incredible fan base, the amazing gifts they’ve received, their most fun moments of the season, that shocking cliffhanger, #Way Haught, bringing such bad-ass women to TV, and staying tuned to Season 2 for answers. What was your most fun moment to shoot, over the course of the season? He’s a fountain of knowledge and wisdom for her, and I think he gives her perspective, but he’s also just as crazy as she is, in some ways.

When Wynonna Earp’s lead, Melanie Scrofano, revealed she was pregnant at the beginning of Season 2, and that showrunner Emily Andras was going to write it as part of the story this year, Rozon says that the entire team was on board with the decision.

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It would be something she’d have to deal with herself, which is horrible. The impact it’s having is huge and very needed, in the LGBT community.

BARRELL: Yeah, and they’re strong, especially Nicole. She’s an awesome woman who’s great at her job, and she’s gay.

She’s such a great character and she’s so confident in herself and who she is. I think that’s what makes her resonate more with the fans, for sure.

ANDERSON: You’ve gotta thank Beau Smith, the creator of the original comics, and Emily Andras. Wynonna Earp is not a damsel in distress, which is really cool.

When it comes to Wynonna Earp it’s hard to find a bigger fan than Tim Rozon.

The Montreal native, who plays Doc Holliday on the series, has made no attempt at hiding how much he loves the show he gets to be a part of, but somehow that love and respect went to a whole new level in Season 2.I didn’t even have that thought, so when I saw she had it and it all came out, I think it was a great sense of relief all around.TTVJ: Can you believe that none of the fans guessed?There was nothing weird about that, we’re a close knit family and it made sense we’d all get together for lunch before starting the season.They wasted no time, and Emily and Mel were like ‘there’s something we have to tell you.’ Melanie started welling up and was like ‘So, I’m pregnant!’ Then the other thing, and this was unanimous, was that everyone had to be there for Mel this year and whatever she needs.

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