Who is sticky fingaz dating

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Who is sticky fingaz dating

Will we be seeing some production by Sticky in the future? Good lookin' - Are you more focused on movies and television right now, or equally as focused on music? If not, there's always regular Onyx shit to look forward to. -What are some of your favorite atists and/or producers? I'm in the mix tape stage right now, cause I don't feel too many people's projects. If you know the sign Scorpion (me), they do big things periodically, like drop a big ass album called BACDAFUCUP then dissapear for a minute, then be the lead of Blade then dissapear for a minute, then come back and do A Day In the Life.

If so, how the hell do you find the time to do everything? -Do you listen to other genres of music, and if so, what artists?

“If any rapper never went Hollywood, that nigga definitely didn’t go Hollywood,” Starr continued. Eminem rich but I don’t think it went to his head like that man.

Me, when I look at a nigga like Em, I just think that nigga’s a mad scientist.

I am gonna be the first person to put an album in movie theaters. You know how an unfinished movie has way less impact without music put in? Donny Hathaway but he committed suicide by jumping out a window.

The best album by Sticky Fingaz is Blacktrash: The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones which is ranked number 47,445 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 4.I listen to all except country music, country I have to stomach some times when I do or watch movies and TV.I listen to everything, rock, rap, R & B, blues, soul, jazz, I listen to everything, you're asking genres of music, I break it up as good or bad music, but I shouldn't say I hate country. -You are clearly the first of your kind lyrically and style wise, but who would you credit as your biggest influences? - All your albums are insane, but if most Onyx fans had to choose one, it would be All We Got Iz Us or Shut Em Down. Interview # 3 Q: There is a line in the song Judgment Night that goes "Say what you wanna say just spell my name right". And Mike Tyson has said that as well, did he get it from you? Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hell Date, The Wire, Sopranos. Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams..the greats.But according to Jadakiss he's 40 cent cause he dropped the dime, so maybe he's like 47 cent when he goes there. If someone knows Slipknot, hook me up with their contact. Sticky: Shut Em Down sold like 400,000, All We Got Iz Us went gold. He asked me if I wanted to call the police and I said I don't care what you do, don't call me with this dumb ass shit. I'm not into commercials, I'm into the feature presentation. Now I am actually colorblind in real life, so quite literally a person is a person to me. But whatever I would be doing, I'd be successful at it. She'll tell me 0,000 is too much to spend on a car. Q: How does the process of an Onyx album cover come to completion? I don’t know why they think I didn’t like them though. I really have no clue, maybe they took something I did or said the wrong way. Every show something crazy happens and I love them all. Considering her squeaky clean image, this is somewhat surprising. Can we count on Onyx to bring back underground hip hop? What was the defining moment thus far in your musical career? The best moment of my music career is that I got signed to a major deal with a major label without even trying. Your name is always mentioned along with polls about the most underrated rappers of all time.- What happened to that track that sticky and the singer of Slipnot made? We did a song that never came out, and we also did "Oh My God" which was originally a metal song. It was funny cause I always use protection, even with my girlfriends. Q: What's in store for us Onyx and Sticky fans in the near future? But to think about a black man or woman going from picking cotton and separate water fountains just a few decades ago to 20 million dollars a picture is amazing to me. Sticky, If you hadn't done music or acting, what do you think you'd be doing? Meaning is it ideas you guys have and other people help make it happen? On Bacdafucup, it was my idea to stand on Plexi-glass while photographers took pictures of us below. I brought that idea to the Throw Ya Gunz video where we used the whole Plexi-glass thing again. But sorry, picking a favorite show is like picking a favorite child. Who surprised you when you found out they were a fan of your music? You produced some great Onyx songs such as the track "2 Wrongs". The way I see it is like this: There's a million dating websites out there. But if you made a dating website for midgets, you'd be a success. Because you stand out in an overcrowded market and cater to a certain group of people. Do you see this as a compliment or a thorn in your side? I take it as a compliment because it means I am thought of as a great rapper.It's like a Shakespearean rap opera, I still don't know what genre to call it. Whose one person living you've never met you'd kill to meet? The cover to All We Got Iz Us was a metal plate only about 6" in size that photographers took pictures of, and the madface on the back of Shut 'Em Down was an actual clump of metal. I also don’t drink beer (but definitely Hennessy every fucking day) and I do eat whatever I want. I turned Dre down because Universal was offering me more money. What’s the greatest thing you’ve accomplished since making it in the rap and movie business? The title track was one of the best and was just a simple bass line over drum beats. Remember Justin Timberlake’s song “I’m Bringing Sexy Back”? I wanted to know if Fredro and Scarred 4 Life are in the "Lex Coups, Bimmaz and Benz" video? I’m not sure but it probably was because we all grew up together so it probably was them in the video. One day one song might be my favorite, next day I don’t like it any more. I don’t want to tell you because I can’t give you that much knowledge. 80% of them did not speak English but knew every lyric to every song we did. I wonder if I loved a song in another language if I could memorize it.

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