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And so Kellie and I dressed up for a night on the town and went to the football, where we met Russell, his son, Charlie, Charlie's nannies and several of Russell's friends, all dressed down for a day at the football. Keith wanted my email address; another assistant phoned wanting to know my precise whereabouts, at that instant, as she had a book Russell had promised to give to me and her orders were to deliver it personally and immediately, which she did on a crowded Sydney street.Though Russell was charming and everyone friendly, my wife and I had felt so foolish - such dolled-up commoners in the rich man's shed - that upon returning home that night we agreed to play along with Russell Crowe no further. It was now quite clear that, unless besieged by some bizarre infatuation, Russell had something in mind for me.As I made myself comfortable, Keith cranked the sound system and promptly left the room, closing the door behind him. Where I had expected a lumpen, tuneless racket, what I heard instead was something far less remarkable - the colourless strums of a subway busker glazed with the deodorized slick of Christian rock.

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A nervous silence ensued until he finally asked for my thoughts.

I told him the music was "interesting" and "not at all what I had expected".

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I moved in with him for a few months, finally moving out after relations reached such critical mass that another few days may have seen a fatality.

I fashioned the experience into something of a modern-day fable, a cautionary tale about the perils of getting too close to one's idols.Email addresses are impossible to verify (anyone can sign up for a free email address.) Most celebrities prefer and will reply only to traditional mail.Photo Credit: Russell Crowe's picture is courtesy of Russell Crowe France.Then he asked if I had some time later in the week, as he wished for me to come to his home and listen to some music. Keith shook my hand and led me through a long hallway lined with classic guitars, then into Russell's den, a kind of captain's cabin affair with a view of the Sydney Harbour skyline.Motioning towards the couch, Keith told me that Russell was temporarily disposed elsewhere in the mansion-apartment and had suggested I begin listening to the CD in the meantime.He had read an article I had written - something about how the celebrity magazines make up lies - and had tracked down my number. Then he stood, shook my hand, thanked me for being so forthcoming and bade me farewell, adding that if I ever wanted to see his beloved South Sydney football team play, I need only call him and there'd be a seat for me in his private box. You don't ask a man's salary unless you plan to employ him, do you?

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