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For years there have been rumors about President Barack Obama’s sexual preferences. Now, fast forward to this past week, when word leaked that the Obamas were taking separate vacations.

To understand why I am entertaining the rumors today, I have to take you back to November 2011, when Obama’s “body man” Reggie Love resigned from his manufactured position as “deputy political director” to Mr. At the time, the WH press pool that follows Obama everywhere speculated quietly that the president and Mr. The rumor mongers within the press pool speculated that Love was asked to resign — so close to the November elections — because “compromising” pictures from his college days had surfaced online — and the pics were zooming along the Internet highway at such a rapid pace that the White House could not contain them. As soon as the White House confirmed the reports, the devoted members of the Church of Obama dropped to their knees in fervent defense of their Savior.

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That makes him one of the world’s experts on Obama’s personal quirks, including his taste in footwear. They had to look a certain way, feel a certain way.

“Shoes were always the biggest challenge for the senator,” writes Love. Anytime he couldn’t wear his favored dress flats, it was an issue.” He continued: “Throughout the campaign, I was always trying to scratch and scrounge to procure the ideal footwear.

I’d send screen-shots to the advance teams and say, ‘Find these! ’” Obama even weighed in on foot issues with Beyoncé when she and hubby Jay Z met Obama for the first time at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Columbus Circle.

Beyoncé was coming off a tour, and told Obama her feet were killing her. That must be in the budget for the tour production,” Obama joked, according to Love.

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama told his team to shave points in a pick-up basketball game with New Hampshire firefighters during the 2008 primary season to avoid a blowout that would antagonize future voters, writes former Obama aide Reggie Love in a new book.

Love — a star basketball player at Duke University — said that with Team Obama far ahead on the court in the primary battleground state, the future president called him over and whispered: “We want to win.

He continued: “And Jay said, ‘Yeah, so long as it isn’t a man.’ I quipped, ‘You’ve seen “Pulp Fiction.” You never let another man massage your woman’s feet,’ after which Jay burst out laughing.” Among the book’s other disclosures: Obama could only dream.

“Let’s just take tomorrow off and go to the Cheetah Club,” he joked to his staff, naming a “Gentleman’s Club.” Love responded: “I’m taking a rain check on that the minute you are ex-President.” As Obama’s body man, Love had no precise job description.

Love logged thousands of miles with Obama as his hand-picked personal aide, after rising up from modest beginnings in North Carolina and joining Obama’s Senate staff.

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