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There are those who say Mc Gregor is entertaining but by now he's predictable, boring and, at regular intervals, much worse.

One win down with a sizeable impression made, and still that likeable rogue with a glint in his eye and a glow from his skin as he headed into a very different unknown, this time with excitement rather than fear. In Crumlin, an occasionally tough but ultimately decent part of Dublin, he'd taken a beating over a girl, was jumped by 10 guys and, as he put it when we met, "I could give you another 50 stories of walking down the street and someone trying to start a fight. I know it sounds stupid, we were kids, but at the time you were petrified and it played a part in the path I chose".

That path seemed a cul-de-sac more often than not, even after he got away from the classroom.

Look, I spent all the money, lost that fight, legged it, didn't answer my phone to him because he was looking for the money. I don't like even thinking or talking about all that because them days are over." On he went though showing that learning is living and living is learning. Boyle Sports bookmakers turned him down for a job in a shop but after his breakthrough in that first UFC win in Stockholm, they called him asking if they could sponsor. Working your way to a place of potential positive influence is admirable but that's only half of the journey. Ironically, Mc Gregor's attitude fits in more with the style of the recently-deceased Celtic Tiger, a time and thinking where the end profit justified the moral means as your bank balance was the only measure of a man.

Earning €188 a week from social welfare, he now owns a boat named after the wretched number. For a guy that promised not to change, it turns out he lied.

The last few efforts on Conor Mc Gregor's Twitter are enough to give a tell-tale insight into his modern-day mindset.

"Driving home in this heat and in this nick and in this motor and in this bread and in this f*****g life I am so blessed," he writes beside a picture of himself topless while driving a convertible.Loving war documentaries, Conor said that he got a little of that from him, only his love was unarmed combat rather than the armed variety. Sometimes you can't escape that shadow that looms because of where you're from, but if that doesn't break you it might make you.His first fight was in a dingy hall and he showed up a mere 20 minutes before which wasn't time enough for a medical so his bout was shifted."I was barefoot, tiny gloves that barely covered the knuckles, bare shin, no head guard.I was in a pair of surf-dude shorts that a friend had left in my suitcase after a holiday," he recalled.We love to fight," and, "If one of us goes to war, we all go to war".

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