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Kenya and Brian do eventually fall into the first stages of a romance.

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He married “The Fighting Temptations” co-star Mechelle Mc Cain in July 2006, but the couple filed for divorce in January 2017.

They have two daughters together, Madison and Moriah.

Actor and comedian Mike Epps was born on November 18, 1970 in Indianapolis, IN.

He’s appeared in “The Hangover,” “All About the Benjamins,” and “Resident Evil: Apocalypse.” Epps stars in the ABC comedy series “Uncle Buck” and takes on the persona of Richard Pryor in a biopic, alongside Oprah Winfrey and Eddie Murphy.

She's pretty, but the movie doesn't rest on that; Lathan makes Kenya wary, protective, cautious.

It's a performance that could have skated the surface but goes more deeply.

Like its heroine, it knows good reasons for dating within one's race.

It knows about social pressure, and how it works both ways.

"Something New" opens with cotton-candy titles, arrives in time for Valentine's Day, and is billed as a romantic comedy.

OK, it is a romantic comedy, technically, but the romance and the comedy don't arrive easily, and along the way the movie truly is something new: A touching story about a black professional woman facing problems in the workplace and the marriage market. Sanaa Lathan stars as Kenya, a Los Angeles accountant who is a workaholic.

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