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He loosened up the notoriously buttoned-up Yankees with his irreverence in the locker room, and quickly won over the so-called Bleacher Creatures — the rowdy fans in the right field seats who scream his name before every game.

He responds to their chants with a crisp military greeting known as the Swisher Salute.

Once, Mimoun said, Garcia was supposed to act as if she was drunkely seducing a potential suitor for a scene.

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A few months later, Loraine Garcia got a call from her daughter.

“Oh, mom,” Joanna said of Swisher, “you’re gonna love this one.” Not long after, Garcia became the newest babe to join the bevy of beautiful young actresses on the arms of Yankees — Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter), Kate Hudson (A-Rod) and Cameron Diaz (also A-Rod).

They said she was always professional, prepared, decidedly un-diva-like — and had a mouth on her that would make a trucker blush. I turned to her, and I didn’t know her at all, and said, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so nervous and overwhelmed by this house,’ and she said to me: ‘You think you got problems?

“It was the first day on set in the most opulent house you’ve ever seen,” recalls Allan Louis, who acted opposite Garcia. I haven’t pooped in four days, I’m so nervous.’ I knew then and there I was going to adore her, and I did.” Executive producer Rina Mimoun said Garcia’s sense of humor reminded her of Betty White in that she has a “pie in the sky demeanor combined with a dirty mouth that catches you off guard.” And she was always up for some good physical comedy.

It was so cute.” One of the directors of “Privileged,” Liz Friedlander, compared Garcia to Lucille Ball.

“And I don’t say that lightly, because I’m a huge Lucy fan,” she says.

“He understands the folklore of the right-field bleacher fans,” says fan Frank Luna.

“He goes to work every day, plays with passion and energy, and respects the passion and energy of the fans.” And soon Joanna Garcia will join him as an official part of Yankees royalty. The 30-year-old redhead, who moved to New York last year, hails from a well-to-do Tampa, Fla., family.

Her mother’s a homemaker, dad is a gynecologist, and her brother followed in his father’s footsteps to become an orthopedic surgeon.

Meanwhile, after years of plugging away with roles on TV, Garcia is on the brink of becoming a household name — her sitcom “Better Together,” created by the folks behind “Friends,” was picked up for the ABC fall lineup.

(Garcia declined to be interviewed, and her publicist from WKT Public Relations said: “Joanna is a serious actor and does not want to be in The Post because she’s dating a Yankee.

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