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Building on bed tracks provided by INXS keyboardist-guitarist Andrew Farriss, Fortune came up with “Pretty Vegas”, and looking back, he cites his live performance of that tune-the hit leadoff single from Switch-as a turning point in his favour.Fortune’s days of living in cars are officially over-“Now it’s just tour buses and airplanes”-but the immense boost dealt by the TV show isn’t forever.

After finding success in their native Australia in the early '80s, INXS went global with such huge-selling albums as Listen Like Thieves and Kick.

The band had trouble maintaining that momentum into the '90s, though, and it all ground to a halt with Hutchence's suicide in 1997.

Fortune sang about 20 songs during the course of the show, including Pink Floyd’s “Money”, the Box Tops’ “The Letter”, and the Mamas & the Papas’ “California Dreaming”, all of which appear on the recently released DVD.

At one point the series featured a songwriting clinic, wherein each participant had to compose a melody and lyrics over existing music.

Now that INXS has been given a new lease on life, it’s on its own.

“I signed a contract for the show,” reveals Fortune, “but what happens now that I’m in the band is all the contracts are null and void.

"At the end of the day, most of our (early) favourites were the ones we started eliminating first," said Farriss.

"Different people rose and fell throughout the show - that was what made it so interesting." In the end, Fortune wasn't the only one to leave Rock Star: INXS with newfound celebrity.

He’d been singing since he was five, had developed a powerful stage presence over the years, and was determined to make his mark in the world of rock.

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