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These spread over much of Europe, but it is scarcely surprising that the most profound of them formed over Russia, where their fluid outlines were occasionally visible even in the present century....It was with inherent Russian ruthlessness that, by order of Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev, the pagan idols, totem poles and other articles of heathen worship were destroyed in the year 988, at the time of the country's conversion to Christianity.This further exacerbates the problem of carrying out archaeological research in these remote regions, as does the extremely short working season (perhaps three months or so) made all the more unproductive by permafrost, wind, snow and ice.

The spiral is far too complex and difficult to emulate to be treated as such, yet it nevertheless abounds almost globally and its occurrence stretches far, far back it time.

As seen in section VII-I, it is found on the megalithic henge monuments of Northumbria, it is featured both outside and inside the Neolithic site at Newgrange in Ireland, and also present at nearby Knowlth (see Krupp 191 for the latter).

Most popular among these toys were wooden chariots and horses, which were in fact exact replicas, complete with solar symbols, of those which, in pagan times, had been thought to draw the sun daily across the firmament.... As a result the horse and cock, both of them solar symbols, became prominent in their art.

The symbolic importance of the horse became even greater in the following century, when stables were built close to the solar temples to house the animals considered holy.

Such things as "Rock Art" considered on a global basis, however, raises difficulties, especially where the spiral form is involved.

Whereas such things as the "sunburst" and the circle (single or concentric) appear to be almost universal solar symbols, it is difficult to explain well executed spirals in similar terms.Could the Vikings have traveled through the Northwest Passage entirely unnoticed and undetected?Probably not, at least in the long term, but then again contact and communication between Greenland and Europe was hardly an everyday occurrence during the entire period in question.Nevertheless, the peasantry of the land continued to cling to their native traditions and beliefs with no less characteristic tenacity, and although all the tangible heathen monuments perished, far more of the discarded cult was preserved than is generally realized.Paganism itself continued to flourish unabated in much of the country till well into the twelfth century; it even survived into the nineteenth century here and there in the remoter regions of the land, and besides many pre-Christian forms and symbols were preserved until the revolution, in the shape of the toys the peasants made for their children. that the people living in the south of Russia began to worship the sun.Moreover, given the immense distances involved and the remoteness of the Central Canadian Arctic it is far from certain that any major indication of their passage would be immediately obvious to us today.

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