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He owned two of the resort community’s hottest nightclubs, Liquid and Bar Room, as well as Joia, one of its hippest restaurants, and he was already a millionaire.

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His phones are tapped, his visitors vetted by the U. “So maybe he killed someone, or drove the getaway car. “He had a very good head for business.”“Chris was a small-time guy who may have done some bad things,” says one Miami businessman. “For him to pull off what he did was really remarkable. “It was a really, really big night,” recalls Tom Austin, the noted chronicler of the South Beach party scene.

The stupid side of him is he has a big mouth and a lack of control,” Blandford says. “The crowds were pushing against the ropes to get in.

They waved to him, and although both aunts tried to smile their encouragement, one had tears streaming down her face. How can someone go from having so much to losing it all?

Until his trial this September, Paciello is living under 24-hour-a-day guard at his family’s small town house in Staten Island. Today most of Paciello’s Miami friends and former employees are deeply torn about what has happened. He his background.”“Chris came to South Beach and he helped revive it,” says Max Blandford, a manager of Level, one of the city’s newer and more spectacular clubs. ”“Oh, please, he was a thug,” says a longtime observer of the Miami Beach scene. For God’s sake, we had a street [Leomar Parkway] named after a drug dealer.”Paciello’s club Liquid opened on the Friday night after Thanksgiving 1995.

In honor of the Material Girl, we’ve decided to take a look back at her romantic relationships. It seems the Material Girl collects partners just as much as she collects wealth and music awards.

When she was just starting out as a singer, Madonna dated men who could help her career.

Unfortunately, it has become clear during the last few months that the government’s prosecutors do not believe Paciello’s bad behavior is a thing of the past.

According to the government, Paciello had a known mobster threaten a business competitor.

A well-respected member of the South Beach community, Paciello had donated to charities, hosted Mayor Neisen Kasdin’s re-election party at Bar Room, and helped several people, including Ingrid Casares, kick serious drug habits.

“Ingrid was a total disaster for many years, until she met Chris,” her father testified tearfully.

With a slew of trendy nightlife hotspots under his control, Chris Paciello reaped the money, respect, and famous friends—Madonna and Sofia Vergara among them—that resulted from his hard work. agents sitting in the spectators’ benches waiting for their turn before Magistrate Judge Joan Azrack in the vast wood-paneled courtroom barely glanced at the prisoner as he was brought in.

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