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The perks of being a girlfriend were good, though she found the mansion tacky and broken down beyond the public rooms.Things were definitely going downhill at the once-glamorous Holmby Hills scene.

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reality series “The Girls Next Door,” says she convinced herself that she had found true love with the man old enough to be her great-grandfather.

Hefner, then approaching 80, even committed to having children with her.

In the book, on sale this Tuesday, Madison flirts with a more shocking accusation.

When an interviewer suggested that Kendra Wilkinson was “growing up” at the mansion, Madison at first shot down the innuendo that Hefner was “a pedophile.” She’s since reconsidered.

Madison, beginning as a 21-year-old waitress at Hooters, chased after Hefner for almost a year before finally earning a mansion invite.

Holly Madison reveals ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner offered her drugs, calls him a ‘manipulator’ in new memoir She was confident things would only go so far sexually because Hefner’s other girlfriends reassured her they didn't actually have to sleep with the Playboy don.Madison claims most kept boyfriends on the side — one was said to be dating Kid Rock — in direct violation of mansion rules.And Vicky, the girlfriend who was most eager to recruit nubile young blonds for Hefner, was also turning out his other paramours and Playmates for a notorious Hollywood prostitution ring, Madison writes.Madison may have found the bedroom scene creepy, but first thing the next morning she asked Hefner if she could move in.From the outset, she found the atmosphere “toxic” — mainly because of the other women.“Everybody does it,” Vicky claimed before asking, “Do you think that’s something you might be interested in?

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