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And I eventually kind of got into rock through The Who and Zeppelin.And I played in school bands, and outside of school, I had rock bands all the time.(It was an Adam Schlesinger composition, as you diehard Fountains of Wayne fans probably already know.) In fact, virtually every song on their debut album, , but in addition to producing an album that's almost exclusively written by the group themselves, there's been another major change: after only one album, they're already gotten a new lead singer. If I cut out…I'm on the road right now, so if I cut out, I'll just call you back. Well, I guess I'll start from the very beginning: you're actually one of the original members of The Click Five, correct? On original singer Eric Dill's departure: "It wasn't a secret amongst us that we weren't exactly happy in the current set-up; there were musical differences and different opinions.

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And I know he's happy doing what he's doing now, and we're certainly happy with what we're doing now. JZ: He's from Georgia, he's a guitar player and singer, and he kind of went through the same thing we all did: he grew up a musician.

We've got Kyle as our new singer, who's absolutely amazing and has brought in this new level of inspiration for us to move into the second record with. Y'know, Berklee's that one beacon of hope out there for musicians who say, "Well, shit, I want to play music, but Mom and Dad want me to go to college." So you can kind of sneak it by, by going to Berklee!

I mean, did you just start playing out live, and then somebody from Atlantic spotted you guys?

JZ: Yeah, what happened was…this was actually back when we were still The Click, but we were mainly based in the Northeast, and we were playing all kinds of different venues around there, just doing the circuit that every local band does up there.

We had a demo of "Just the Girl," from our first record, and took it to the local radio station, and the music director there really liked it and was playing it on their local music hour.

And, then, they have a couple of shows every year in Boston, on the Charles River, and he put us as the opener. It was a nice summer day, and I think, like, 17,000 people showed up…and one of the people who showed up was a college A&R scout from Boston College who, at the time, was with a different label.

But he told his boss about us, and then it went into the whole label-fight thing, where they were flying up here and everything.

Eventually, we decided on Atlantic..Lava…which was really cool, because they were one of the labels that we were really into, anyway.

I think we learned a lot from their whole stage show.

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