Who is delonte west dating

The 29-year-old is coming off the most efficient season of his career.

(Getty) There have been a slew of extremely sketchy emails floating around, claiming to have the inside scoop about the scandal. Read Full Story Rumor has it that Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard De Lonte West slept with a lady named Gloria James -- also known as the mother of the great Le Bron James.

And it's most likely just that: a rumor, and nothing more.

He was also served with the latest of several foreclosures notices earlier this month after falling $44,000 behind on a $450,000 mortgage he took out on a three bedroom house in Brandywine, Maryland, where his family members live.

According to the fan who earlier uploaded photos of the run-in to Instagram, he gave a rambling answer when asked to confirm he was Delonte West, saying: 'I used to be, but I'm not about that life anymore.'West finished his time in the NBA with 4,000 career points despite a long history of injuries and incidents including a firearms arrest and unconfirmed rumors that he had sex with Le Bron James's mother.

Delonte West, the mercurial basketball player who once played alongside Le Bron James, took shots at his former teammate via Instagram in recent days.

West, who last played in the NBA’s D-Leauge, apparently has bad blood with the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and even placed James’ mother in the path of the jab.

He risks being cut, according to the Morning News, despite being, you know, pretty good at basketball.

Of course, that man currently is suspended by the Dallas Mavericks for conduct detrimental to the team.

The Celtics teammates were guarding each other in a game of 3-on-3 and apparently West repeatedly fouled Wafer and it didn't go over well. (Getty) West reportedly threw the first punch when the guys headed back to the locker room. Celtics coach Doc Rivers confirmed the fight today, but didn't really...

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