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Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, The Reverend Tholomew Plague and bassist Matthew Wendt.

The following year, the demo was expanded to five songs, with the addition of One of metal’s most divisive, polarising acts, Avenged have had their fair share of critics over the years, with M.

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There’s footage of the performance on You Tube, but good luck trying to make out a single lyric or guitar riff above the squeals of the band’s female fans.

Something about that title suggests that Avenged weren’t entirely serious about the track anyway.

Shadows telling Hammer in 2013 “people know that they’ll get more attention by talking shit about us,” and claiming that his band is above such behaviour. Back in 2006, Shadows made enemies of Dillinger Escape Plan, after labelling the band “a bunch of homos who make shitty noises and try to pass it off as music”: never one to back down from a fight, Dillinger’s Greg Puciato responded by saying “What about bands that make shitty noise and try to pass it off as Guns N Roses? , a third person fantasy/adventure RPG set in the mythical kingdom of Haides and based around the origins of their iconic logo/mascot, in 2014.

“We felt that the game had already written itself, at least visually,” Shadows told the LA Times.

As the wait for the seventh Avenged studio album continues – there’s the small matter of that Warners lawsuit to resolve first, remember – it’s worth keeping an eye on the band’s You Tube channel over the coming months to see how they’ll build up to their mammoth European tour.

The most recent posting on the channel features a short documentary clip of the band’s free show at Minneapolis’ legendary First Avenue club on August 18 – new drummer Brooks Wackerman’s first gig with the band – and you can expect more exclusives in the months ahead.

Two groupies who ‘partied’ with the band once in Atlantic City found themselves drenched with a bucket-full of the band’s combined urine, while in her book , UK super-groupie Roxana Shirazi reveals that she encouraged the band to indulge in ‘water sports’ with her, recalling “Synyster…unleashed his hot pee like a fountain all over my breasts.” Delightful.

, still arguably A7X’s signature song, opens with a quote from the great man, namely ‘He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man’. Thompson’s seminal 1971 ‘gonzo’ text In a 2006 interview with M.

Warners have sued the band as a result, and the lawsuit remains unresolved, with A7X seemingly determined to walk away.

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