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After initial disagreements, Alex reveals to Izzie that his father was a heroin addict who used to beat his mother.He became a wrestler so he could defend his mother, and attended university on a wrestling scholarship. At the end of the first season, George contracts syphilis from Alex through nurse Olivia Harper, causing animosity between the two.

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He demonstrates profound skill for the specialty which prompts praise from Montgomery and contributes to Karev's interest in pediatric surgery for the rest of the series.

As the character developed, he displayed more empathy for patients and is shown to have a gift for connecting with young children, despite his repeated claims to dislike them.

Alex secured a position in the surgical residency program at Seattle Grace Hospital after graduating from the University of Iowa.

He initially makes a poor impression on his fellow interns meeting fellow interns Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), George O'Malley (T. Knight), and Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) whom he later taunts when he discovers she used to be a lingerie model.

After Rebecca attempted suicide, Izzie convinces Alex to admit her for psychiatric help due to Rebecca's hallucinations of her pregnancy.

Alex later breaks down in Izzie's arms, and the two kiss.

He goes on to sleep with Olivia again, and is caught by Izzie and they break up.

After retaking his exams, Alex manages a pass, and reunites with Izzie after a bomb scare in the hospital.

Alex is shocked by the news, but finds the strength to stay by her side.

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