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Nobody’s perfect so you’re bound to make mistakes in your relationship, whether you’re dating or in a serious relationship.

The difference is that when you’re committed to each other, you learn from the mistakes you make and strive to be better for the sake of your partner and the relationship as a whole.

Though I have said expressly in my profile that I prefer a single focus and want to be told if someone has other people in their lives (so I can figure out how to deal with it,) I keep having to find out well into the hot pursuit phase. Should I just get over hoping for monogamy so early in the game? One I feel I must have answered before, but can’t really remember.

Melissa Fritchle is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Sex Therapist with a holistic private practice in Capitola, California.

She is also an award-winning international sex educator offering workshops and training around the world.

You want to know for sure that your partner is committing to you — the person you really are, not the self you can pretend you are if you have to.

And you want to know you're committing to a life you can happily embrace, not one with creeping resentment.

It’s likely that if he only wants to see you that he’s serious about you and wants you to be his girlfriend, but if he won’t actually call you that, there’s a problem. Just because someone is committed to spending time with you, that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be faithful.

Sure, that’s the plan in theory, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen.We may not have a lot of TV shows about it, but long-term relationships are hardly boring. So, whether you're searching for a partner or you've found someone but are wondering how to keep it going into the future, I invite you to think about these traits.You can develop them, and they will help to have a strong foundation for the evolving adventure that is love between two people........In a committed relationship, you’d fight to fix your issues, not move on at the first sign of trouble. A friends with benefits arrangement or casual relationship can be totally monogamous, but there’s also a chance that one of you might end up wanting to take things to the next level.If you’re the party who’s holding out hope that it will develop into something else, you might end up wasting your time. On the flip side, when commitment reigns supreme, sometimes people are hesitant to leave a relationship even when they aren’t happy anymore.You might be totally happy to see him and only him, but that doesn’t mean he’s not seeing other women without you knowing.

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