What is 1st 2nd and 3rd base in dating dating groups msn com interracial site

1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, home run does NOT equate "relationship" or "love" status like many women would like to believe. And do the men's "notches on the bed post" also equate to us women's "chewed gum being placed up on the bed posts" LOLI don't chew gum, but if I did...

The "score" is metaphorically posted as notches on the bed post, not musical notes being played to the wedding march. it wouldn't be going back into my mouth once I took it out!

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Times surely did change, but don't you wish things were different?

I mean, it seems so impersonal and even selfish to think in terms of getting to first, second or third base with someone.

Sexual intercourse is "home base" or "fourth base". And yes, this ALWAYS refers to physical.....is part of the baseball rules of sex.

Personally I love playing baseball and it's fun hitting all the bases...... Then you also have...........~Striking out is often used to describe rejection and sexual frustration.~Pitcher and catcher are used to describe the participants in male and female sex.~Switch-hitter refers to bisexuals, while a "switch" may refer to someone who takes both a "top" or "bottom" role in domination play.

This is the first breakdown (which you posted) I've known about of the precise definitions of those terms.

I pretty much thought in terms of shades of gray rather than exact actions.And do the men's "notches on the bed post" also equate to us women's "chewed gum being placed up on the bed posts" LOLI would think a woman would have a special necklace that she would add stones to make the necklace longer to record her sexual conquests?If you are out there I have a rock................precious stone to add to your collection!A perpetual game with various strategies to get to those bases. We should invent positive terms for relationship status. We start out standing on the shore of the sea of love. After that, we paddle out toward that big wave avoiding the occasional shark. La la la CK - these 'baseball' terms go back to the 50's - and you're not that much older then me.Then it is a frenzy of paddling until we finally stand up on the board and get into the flow of love. Also I didn't come from a city school, I came from a very small country school - my class was the largest with around 130 graduating.But for people who chew gum, isn't the intent of putting it on the bed post suppose to be because they aren't "finished" with it yet and want to "chew" on it some more??

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