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Although he owes his success to his wife Diba (Leyla Otadi), he finds in himself in a similar case and on the verge of losing everything when Rosa (Shaghayegh Farahani), ...

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New Serials: Serial Eshgh Ejarehei Part-3 Serial Parvaz Part-339 Serial Kakh Neshinan Part-56 Serial Ghonchehaye Zakhmi Part-34 Serial Rahaei Part-118 Serial Madar-Hesel Part-90 Serial Rahzanan Dooble Part-167 Serial Jodha Va Akbar Part-280 Serial Ghabool Mikonam Part-381 Serial Patrix Part-91 Serial shahrzad Season-2 Part-15 END Serial Navare Zard Part-24 Serial Hatef Part 10 Serial Aghigh Part 11End Serial Sarzamin Madari Coming Soon...

Shayan (Pejman Bazeghi) is a successful lawyer, who falls in love with a woman and attempts to perform illegal actions on a case.

Kiumars Pourahmad's latest drama 'Where Are My Shoes?

' is a movie adaptation of the American author Lisa Genova's debut novel 'Still Alice'.

A teenager, Danial has grown up without his father, who died in the Iran-Iraq War, and whose identity he often tries to inject into his art.

One day he makes a vase and sends it into a competition under his father's name, but when it wins th...

However, in this captivating come...'The Eyes That Are Yours' is a one woman play starring Bahareh Rahnama, as a deserted wife reflecting on her life.

Shortly after the birth of their child, her husband abandons her.

However, dogs are considered 'unclean' in Islam and his wife and family wish for him to disperse of the dog. Mahnaz works as a secretary to the mysterious Lady Farkhonde, a matchmaker-cum-psychic who women rely on to secure their futures. When Karim and Amir argue about work and Amir collapses, is stuffing his body in a closet really the best way to deal with the situation?

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