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I was genuinely expecting to hate it as much as episode 5. So today we have snarky bullet points with what I hated, followed by what I loved, and then some thoughtful analysis. Let’s just face it, that is a class of people that includes Snooki, Fiona Horne, and Donald Trump. It’s scripted and spun for maximum drama without any of the cast members consent.

So a lot of online angst has been directed at the cast members, and for good reason.

It is not because we think they are as bad as they are portrayed, it’s because they signed up to be made into a tv freak world.

Maybe part of it is because there is no “transitioning away” on SW.

They are in this relationship for the long haul, so they have to make it work.

This is his first lover outside of the pod, and Kamala is “pretty thrilled” about that.

Their lovers, Jen and her husband Tahl, have been living with Michael and Kamala for about a year, nearly as long as Jen's been dating Jesse. Like most reality television shows, 's core four to explore the depths of their polyamorous configuration, while remaining committed to each other, is as infinite as a Real Housewife’s ability to find haters, circumstances to be offended by, and meals to spoil.Tonight’s Season 2 premiere is something of a cram session to catch us up: Kamala is dating her business partner Jason, who is 10 years her junior.Michael, Kamala’s husband, has been dating Rachel for a few months.Predictably, it returned to the "Most Popular" list.Here are my news and comments about some of the people in the story, including the much-remarked age gaps.We end up admiring the Brown family so much that we end up hating ourselves for watching the show, prying and being complicit in this horrible medium of reality tv.

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