Watch holly and fearne go dating

Those who hope to be chosen sit in a soundproof booth and listen to their parents tell all kinds of embarrassing stories that may not show them in the best light.“Sometimes this works really well and sometimes it doesn’t,” says Holly.“The parents may come up with stories that they think are good, but the potential date might be sitting there thinking,‘What are you saying?!’” The contestants are given one opportunity to stop their loved ones blabbing their worst secrets to potential dates.

During questioning, they can make one emergency phone call to their parents to tell them to stop answering the current question.“They often know what is coming,” explains Holly.

“Say the question was, ‘What is the most embarrassing thing they have ever done?

There was also time to have a quick natter about their home lives as they exchanged mutual frustrations at their partner's love of football.

Holly admitted she had 'no choice' but to watch the sport as husband, Dan Baldwin, is fixated with the sport and her son is going that way too.'My only hope is Belle (her daughter),' Holly joked.

Imagine if your day job involved sitting down for a chat with your best friend?

Well that was what happened to Fearne Cotton this morning.

Fearne seems to take a more no-nonsense approach when it comes to the sporting hobbies of her other half confessing that she refuses to be in the same room as husband Jesse Wood when he is watching a match.

The women clearly really enjoyed a chance to catch up on air and viewers of the show seemed to be equally as excited by the appearance.

“Or two,” joked Holly Willoughby.“Or three,” replied Fearne.

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