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Still, he blamed me for whatever went wrong or was not to his liking.

I didn't do or say the right things; my opinion was not important, let alone valued — to the point where I would just agree to everything to keep the peace and to make life easier for me and the children.

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It's hard to remember if there was any overt coercion but I certainly didn't go into it against my will. After 10 months we got engaged, and set a wedding date about nine months in the future.

My husband to be was an active Anglican worshipper, as was his mother — he went to church with her most weeks.

My first impression of him was that he was arrogant — I didn't like him very much.

But he persisted and eventually I agreed to go out with him.

Runway for Relief is a student-run club at Sutherland High School dedicated to helping men, women, and children in dangerous living situations while simultaneously sharing their love of fashion and bringing the community together.

This incredible group of students made the PSA below in honor of their fifth annual Runway for Relief Fashion Show.

When my daughter was about two, he realised he was being called to be a priest, and was soon accepted into theological college, where his food and lodgings would be provided for by the Church.

My daughter and I, however, had to fend for ourselves.

When I asked him what the problem was, he said that he thought it was inconsiderate of me to bring home the new baby on his birthday as it meant he had to cut short his dinner with his parents.

What was to be a happy and joyous occasion turned into something miserable, and it was my fault.

He controlled everything I did: what I ate, where I went, how much I spent.

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