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Earlier this month, the editor-in-chief and deputy editor of the Village Voice, who had been at the paper for less than a year combined, quit rather than fire a few of the paper’s remaining editorial staff.A week later, those people were fired anyway, including Michael Musto.

“We’ll now continue to focus on rebuilding the Voice to more closely align its superior content and editorial products with the long-term goals of Voice Media Group and the needs of our New York audience.

Interim editor Pete Kotz is already working to fill open positions with fresh talent.

, and who made art that often relied on strange materials, died on Sunday morning after being hospitalized at NYU Langone for complications resulting from gastrointestinal surgery. Perreault is best known for being an early proponent of avant-garde movements like Minimalism, Land art, and Pattern and Decoration during the late 1960s and the ’70s.

It helped that Perreault was closely integrated into the New York art world of his time.

Perreault’s husband, Jeff Weinstein, recounted that Perreault spoke on the phone with Andy Warhol nightly for two years, and that this was just one of many friendships like this.

“John was a witness to the art world in the ’60s and ’70s in a way that nobody else was,” Weinstein said in a phone conversation.Writing in , then as an editorial associate, in 1968, on the occasion of a George Segal show at Sidney Janis Gallery, Perreault gently attacked the idea that Segal was a Pop artist.The Janis show, he wrote, “will do much to establish his position as, surprisingly enough, a major artist who, along with three or four of the other Pop Popes, proves his art is artful enough to survive labels that served as handy introductions but not as adequate definitions.”As an art critic for the between 19, Perreault gained a reputation for his writing and his friendships with artists.“The direct mode of social criticism—as pioneered by an artist like Hans Haacke—is all well and good and scores points within the art world and maybe eventually within art history.But, let’s face it; it has no impact on the larger world.”However much Perreault felt at odds with what had received critical acclaim, he also had respect for his favorites.Perreault is survived by Weinstein, who first met Perreault during the ’70s in a bowling alley in San Diego.

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