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One of the most challenging problems in Video transport is the ability to determine exactly how much data exactly one can send without overwhelming their peer.

In this video Emil talks about how machine learning can help with some of the aspects of this problem We are humbled to share that Jitsi Meet has won the Open Source Classic award at the DINAcon awards 2017, which took place in Bern (Switzerland) last Friday.

There are no ordinary people in our random video chat!

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At Jitsi, we believe every video chat should look and sound amazing, between two people or 200.

Whether you want to build your own massively multi-user video conference client, or use ours, all our tools are 100% free, open source, and Web RTC compatible.

We had four students this year, and three of them completed their projects while one withdrew in the last third of the program. We now have jigasi performing […] We now have a working prototype of speech-to-text in jitsi-meet, implemented as part of jigasi.

In this first version the transcribed text is just added to the chat, but a better interface is in the plans.

You might want to look into Wowza server, I've had good experiences with it.

Thanks @J_A_X, your answer is very useful to me, in the case of Blaze DS we don't want to use it to do the streaming stuff, we want it for allowing the Flex UI to communicate with some bussiness logic on the Spring Web App side and do some stuff there (create some records in the database, etc), the most concerning part for us is the video streaming and chat functionality, after reading the answers given here and read some documentation on the net we are really thinking that Flex is our best bet because of its scalability and robustness Sorry I don't have time to give a full answer, but here is my quick 2 cents...

Plus, there are a lot of resources at your disposal online to implement that simple video chat functionality that you want using whatever server side tech.

I'm not sure if Blase DS does streaming video however, Red5 does do it, but I'm not sure about how maintained that project is anymore.

The list of nominees was impressive, so we were incredibly lucky and grateful to make it to the finals.

Out of 5 categories Jitsi Meet emerged victorious […] A good number of you have been setting up Jitsi Meet with authentication regardless of the fact that merely making sense of our tutorial on the subject is a notable act of heroism (anyone interested in writing a better one? Unfortunately though, after going through all the trouble many of you were disappointed to find out […] Another summer of code is behind us, and we’re here to present what our GSo C students accomplished throughout the program.

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