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It's like a bizarre version of the worst high school on earth. I went on my daughter's account, everywhere someone says '' How could you cheat on me? And another thing on the baby,some teens hate the babies, so people would '' Buy'' the babies and take them to their igloo. The only thing you can buy without a deluxe membership are colors, and once you have all the colors, where do you go from there? Non members get very limited access - disney needs more money - Water cards games dont run properly - disney answer 'try google chrome - that should help' (thanks for telling my kids to install new browser) - The games are not educational at all most of games are based more on luck and are a chore to play - When rare visitors visit game server - the server is near impossible to get onto - when you do get on said server - the room is either 'too full to enter' or you get disconnected trying to get in - continuous loading problems for the site (even on top of the range gaming machine with great internet) - Also bear in mind any thing bought while in membership is not usable when membership ends - thus you get on screen message telling you to renew membership - thanks paid one month subscription for my boy to play fire card game to ninja and lucky water ninja status (with near unplayable water card game) - only to have the suits locked when membership ended - so all in all another disney money making load of rubbish - also be aware if your UK user (this site uses American version of english - nice to encourage UK youngest how 'not' to spell) - but I suppose I can end on a single positive - that the kids will get bored by the time membership ends anyway - very small limited expensive site Club Penguin is a fun environment for my children.

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Parents, please show club penguin you mean - business, good business. My son plays Club Penguin while my daughter plays webkinz. Again, I hate it that they can say whatever they want. There is a whole secret code thing going on in this game. They sit around and act like a baby (basically typing in baby talk into the chat function) and dress a certain way with a certain color skin.

I told my son he is allowed to have friends on it and do whatever, except he cannot talk to the penguins in the buildings and places like that. Then then try to get picked up (yes you read that right) by a "mumu" who is a mom figure.

For now, my daughter can find other things to do, outside preferably, and enjoy her childhood. Club Penguin, you’re cute and seemingly well intentioned but no thanks! If your computer goes down without you saving it you will lose all your points.

I wrote them and they claim this does not happen, but it does.

After all, using prepaid debit cards for online purchases & even the Club Penguin cards available at C. So why in the world would Club Penguin be so crummy to kids to with-hold many of the fun things they earned while paid members -- even if only for an hour while we care-givers & parents quickly run to the store for a new prepaid debit or club penguin card?

The same prompt for membership renewal can be communicated just as clearly by simply withholding account access to NEW STUFF until membership is renewed, without all the unnecessary DRAMA!The pookie penguins will say things like, "Pick mwe! Then, if they get picked up they will go back to her igloo and do whatever the mumu says. And once, I saw someone trying to give their phone number away. Some aren't '' Cool'' enough to fit in with the popular crowd. Once you complete all the spy missions, buy all the colors, and get your Ninja Belt, there is nothing to do but wander around, playing games just to earn coins you can't use.Then there are things called "Pookie Contests." You go to a penguin's igloo and all of the pookies dance around and say cute things and try to get picked. It says that kids are motivated to get a deluxe membership, but really they are pushed.Overall, Club Penguin is smart & fun, but membership has some problems that need addressed in order to make this site totally terrific.Membership allows kids to fully enjoy the site, however, when the membership renewal doesn't go though or expires, objects such as costumes, hats, ninja outfits, igloo items & more all "disappear temporarily" until the minimum .95 fee is paid.I sent an email to their customer service department, but my credit card was charged again. I sent yet another email, but so far nothing has been done.

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